The Impact of Stress on Your Mental Health :Related Diseases
The Impact of Stress on Your Mental Health :Related Diseases -Stress has an impact on the physical health of an individual. A number of illnesses like cardiovascular diseases or disorders, aches and pain, ulcers, hypertension, diabetes... Let's know in Details
The Impact of Stress on Your Mental Health :Related Diseases

Know the effect of stress on health by psychologists: Stress can be have an impact on the immune system of the individual and thus the individual may become easily prone to varied infections, illnesses diseases. As like anxiety, depression, PTSD, heart attack, stomach problem, migraine etc. more pain.

Impact of stress on your mental health: diseases

  • How does mental health effect your physical health : Stress can also accelerate ageing.
  • When an individual is experiencing stress, he resources
  • and energy is diverted from immune system to system in the body
  • That play more important role in stress reactivity (as was also discussed under fight and fight response and GAS) 
  • And Thus, individuals who experience stress for long period of time
  • prone to develop infections as their immune system is compromised.
  • When there is perception of a stress, one of the physiological changes
  • that occurs is that pulse rate increases as well as there is an increase in the blood pressure.

what disease can be causes by stress

As such the heart tents to be on a rapid mode and works harder when stress is experienced.
  • As stress for a long period of time will have the heart working overtime for a longer period of time 
  • and that can lead to development of cardiovascular disorders. Read more :

  • Further, lifestyle of the individual, including diet 
  • and nutrition, physical exercise, consumption of alcohol and drugs 
  • and so on can also contribute to the development of such disorders.
  • Prolonged stress can also cause hypertension as sympathetic nervous system gets activated
  • and blood pressure increases and remains increased for a longer period of time.
  • And prolonged hypertension can again lead to development of cardiovascular disorders
  • and could also lead to a stroke and kidney related disorders. 
  • Glucose and fatty acids may also accumulated if an individual has hypertension for a long period of time
  • and that in turn could lead to plaques in the artery. 

  • Further, the release of catecholamine and corticosteroid that take place
  • when an individual in undergoing stress (this was discussed under fight or fight response) can also have a negative impact on the arteries and heart. 
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What happens when you are under stress :Related Diseases

  • We sometimes come across children who develop stomach upset before examination. 
  • This could also be attributed to stress experienced by them. 
  • As a result of prolonged stress, an individual could also develop ulcear,
  • irritable below syndrome and inflammatory below disease. 
  • Activation of sympathetic nervous system that takes place 
  • when stress is experienced could lead to access production of the hydrochloric acid 
  • and pepsin which in turn could lead to peptic ulcers.
  • A stress is one of the factors that can also lead to individuals developing asthma. 
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Asthma is donated by breathing problem that occurs when the bronchial airway are blocked. This blockage could be due to mucus, inflation or spasms (Ghosh, 2015).

How does stress affect a person ?Mental Health 

  • Prolonged stress could also lead to occurence of cancer amongst the individuals. 
  • Migraine are headaches that an individuals may experience for a prolonged period of time that occurs on one side of the head. 
  • Stress is one of the factors that can cause migraines in individuals. 
  • Stress also has a negative effect on the human system. 
  • Stress can also cause hypertension, as experiencing stress for a prolonged period of time can negatively affect thyroid,
  • the gland that is responsible for metabolism as well as regulation of various physiological functions.
  • Stress can not only affect the release of hormone from pituitary gland, that stimulates thyroid, 
  • but also reduce the conversion to T3 hormone, that is, Triiodothyronine (Lutz,2019).
  • Thus, the functioning of the thyroid can get affected.
  • Various hormones are also released as stress is experienced 
  • and this can lead to increased levels of glucose in blood.
  • Thus, it can be said that stress can have a negative effect on one's physical health as well as mental health.
  • Further, it can also impact one's lifestyle and behaviour which in turn have adverse effects on one's overall health. Read more: BPCS online study

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 Reference: B.A study materials , Ghosh, M. (2015). Health psychology concept in health and well being.

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